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Behavioral Health Services

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

KOI provides Behavioral Health Services for children from initial diagnosis through ten years old diagnosed on the autism spectrum. Our team focuses on evidence-based interventions, based in the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), that are proven to be effective in increasing skills of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and similar disabilities. KOI’s Behavioral Health Services follow best practice guidelines and deliver services on an individualized basis. Our Behavioral Health Services combine child-centered interventions with training parents and other loved ones to implement successful interventions outside of formal intervention.

Occupational Therapy

KOI offers occupational therapy services through direct intervention or consultation support for children who demonstrate motor and sensory needs.

Occupational therapy services are currently available in our San Jose office. Please contact for additional information.

Consultation Services

KOI Consulting is a specialized consultancy group offering professional services to public and private entities, historically in the healthcare, human services and educational areas. Areas of expertise include program and policy development, organizational readiness and strategic planning, clinical consultation, professional development and training, program evaluation, quality assurance and improvement, and insurance support around development of benefits, credentialing and billing.

Psychological Services


At KOI, we provide comprehensive evaluations to determine if a child or adolescent is on the autism spectrum. We understand the difficulty families can experience seeking help for their child and work closely with families to determine what kind of testing is required. KOI can also provide differential diagnosis or 2nd opinions.

KOI’s interdisciplinary assessment team is guided by clinical expertise in Autism Spectrum Disorders, Developmental Delays, and mental health disorders. Furthermore, we are sensitive to the individual needs of families. Cultural and family values are considered throughout the assessment process, and guide team recommendations and intervention planning.


KOI provides individual, family, and group therapy for children and families. Our focus is to ensure all family members receive the support and therapeutic care they need.

Parent Education and Support

KOI offers a variety of parent groups, trainings, and support services. Please ask about our available parenting services.

Professional Development and Training

KOI’s team of professionals provides community training and outreach, as well as supervision for trainees in the field. KOI is an approved pre-doctoral practicum and internship training site for psychology trainees, and we provide supervision for BCBA, LCSW, and MFT trainees.