• What is KOI’s treatment philosophy?

    KOI uses a comprehensive, evidence based treatment for young children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder and their families or caregivers. At the core of our clinical model is a framework of treatment using the naturalistic application of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) principles to accomplish developmentally based objectives. Our treatment can occur across settings (home, clinic and community) and is typically done on a 1:1 basis. Our patient focused treatment philosophy is highly collaborative and outcome focused.

  • What is KOI’s treatment priority for children with ASD?

    Our treatment priority for children with ASD is three fold:

    1. Fill in the ‘learning gaps’ that have accumulated as a result of their disability
    2. Support generalization across settings and individuals
    3. Provide the children we serve with positive, long term outcomes enabling them to reach their full potential

  • How does KOI determine a child’s abilities and deficits, and identify the treatment plan?

    Through direct observation, interviews with family members or other professionals, record review and standardized assessment tools our agency assesses the child’s most mature skills, effective prompting strategies, emerging skills, skills currently not in the child’s repertoire and effective reinforcers.

  • How does KOI determine the recommendation intensity of intervention for a particular child?

    We look at factors involving both the child and the family when making treatment intensity recommendations. These factors include:

    For the child Outcomes of assessment, Age, Developmental profile, Child’s current schedule, Child’s current service array, Appropriate leisure/family time, Individualized and unique needs of the child (i.e Naps, fatigue), Quality and quantity of behaviors, Response to current/previous intervention.

    For the family Availability for level of service, Commitment to proposed level of service, Current engagement with child in opportunities for active engagement and learning (i.e. peer play groups, family recreation etc), Availability and willingness for parent participation requirement.

  • How are KOI’s services typically funded?

    Kids Overcoming’s team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Licensed Professionals are in network providers with most major Health Plans operating in California. See full list and additional information